Relaxing Hand Spa

Product Description

Bringing home the ultimate nail spa experience, the Orbeez Hand Spa features a whirlpool of swirling Orbeez, and a 3-in-one nail care tool. Relax your hands under the cascading waterfall while the Orbeez swirl around, creating a soothing sensation. And then take care your nails with the nail care tool, which provides tools for buffing, massaging and cuticle care. Comes with 600 Orbeez. Orbeez are wet and wacky, soft and squishy, fun and funky, bouncy and beautiful. They start off hard and tiny. Add water and watch them grow to more than 100 times their volume.


  • 1 Orbeez Hand Spa
  • 1 Nail Care tool
  • 600 Orbeez

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