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Let them Relax with Orbeez Luxury Spa

November 16, 2014

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November 16, 2014

Ahh.. A Luxury Spa sounds heavenly doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want their feet to get pampered here and there. It’s the most relaxing thing to do for yourself. Standing on your feet all day can be a lot. I totally get it!

But imagine having your little girl experience right from your own home how a luxury spa treatment feels. Now you can with the Orbeez Luxury Spa. A childrens product? Yes! Can adults use it? Sure!

Oh yes ladies! Suggested users must be 5 years old or older. So that “older” would definitely qualify us moms too you know. Anyways, the Orbeez Luxury Spa will give their feet a soothing massage by the vibrating feature. You will need two C batteries which are not included although three cell batteries are included.

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