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Orbeez Luxury Spa

September 26, 2013

Time to play Mag
September 26, 2013

Orbeez are tiny, hard pellets that grow into squishy, colorful balls when you add water. If you've ever wanted to stick your feet into a bowl of squishy Orbeez, the Orbeez Luxury Spa gives you that chance. It comes with 2,200 Orbeez and a large foot tub that accommodates an adult size 8 foot.

To play, pour five packets of Orbeez pellets into the spa tub. Add four cups of water and leave the Orbeez to soak for four hours or overnight. Once the Orbeez have reached their full size, drain all the water through the strainer on the hood of the tub. Then place your clean feet into the tub and relax. Press the hood button to activate colorful lights and change the pattern in which the lights flash. And press the green button for vibration. You can also visit to download free spa music.

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